Film Experience coverThe Film Experience. Co-authored with Timothy Corrigan (2004, 4th edition 2014)

Bedford/St. Martin’s Press


The Film Experience is an authoritative introductory film studies textbook that discusses film form, criticism and theory in historical and cultural context, reinforcing why films and film study matter. The new fourth edition includes an extensive online video program to explore specific films, scenes, and trends in depth.



Critical Visions in Film Theory cover 2Critical Visions in Film Theory: Classic and Contemporary Readings. Co-edited with Timothy Corrigan and Meta Mazaj (2011)

Bedford/St. Martin’s Press


Critical Visions in Film Theory is a comprehensive anthology of classic texts on realism, modernity, authorship, and genre, as well as current topics including transnational film studies, queer theory, and film philosophy.


“Likely to become the film studies equivalent of English Literature’s Norton Anthology—becoming the go-to textbook for film courses far and wide.” –Theresa Geller, Film Criticism